Clarion Hotel Europes first palmoil free hotelchain

All Clarion Hotels in the Nordic region are palm oil free with regards to restaurant items and products for sale. The reason for this is the increasingly widespread devastation and destruction of the rain forest as the production of palm oil causes.

- We can not in good conscience offer our guests food that is made from products that contribute to the devastation of rainforests and people being driven from their homes, says Katalin Paldeak Group Director of Clarion Hotel in the North.

The demand for palm oil globally has increased significantly and has lead to the destruction of rainforests to make way for bigger and more palm oil plantations. This devastation has created an increase in the already existing, huge global problems such as global warming, the destruction of wildlife and human rights violations. In Indonesia alone, to date, there are 663 unresolved social conflicts between those affected in these areas and the palm oil producers.

Until we can ensure that the palm oil suppliers are seeking to provide us with is being produced in using conscientious and responsible methods, we will pull the emergency brake and remove it from our restaurants, from our sales and from our mini bars, says Katalin Paldeak.
Clarion Hotel has followed the issue of palm oil production for several years and ever since the unfortunate developments that have taken place and led to the current situation, now mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia.

- We can clearly see the negative developments in the affected areas. Areas where only a few years ago there stood amazing rainforests and home to humans, wildlife and plant life, are now one is met with devastation and lifeless fields. The issue of palm oil has never been more fervently acute than now and Clarion Hotels take an important step by becoming 100% palm oil-free. I sincerely hope that more people take their responsibility and follow our lead, says Katalin Paldeak.
The efforts to become palm oil free have been going on for almost a year and have been extensive. Palm oil is hidden in food ingredients lists under the name “vegetable fats”. Detective work has been in place in which every single item received has been reviewed with suppliers and often even the producers in order to establish which items contain palm oil. This painstaking work has now resulted in a collection of knowledge both for Clarion Hotels and for the suppliers, knowledge that Clarion Hotel now wishes to share with others.
- The fact that Clarion Hotels are palm oil free is important and certainly a step in the right direction, but above all we does this because we want to see a change in the affected areas. We therefore hope that more people will catch on.  And we are more than happy to share our knowledge and our experiences with our competitors. If we all take our responsibility, together we can contribute to making a big difference for those who live and work in these areas, says Katalin Paldeak.

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